Seasonal Decoration Gallery

The Charlotte Seasonal Decorating experts at Touch of Whimsy are able to address all the seasonal decorating needs you could possibly imagine. Whether you need a tasteful Halloween décor for children or adults, we can show you how to make that project last not only for the spooky holiday, but also show you, with a few slight adjustments, how to invent a rustic, or sophisticated, look that can last until Thanksgiving. Check out our testimonials page to see what others think of us!


For the Thanksgiving holiday, we can return to help you choose the right colors for window treatments, color schemes, wreathes, and center pieces which will remove all stress from an already taxing event. If you are having family over for the Thanksgiving feast, the Charlotte Seasonal Decorating team at A Touch of Whimsy can wow your friends and family with a look that is not only traditional, but home staging that is comfortable and functional.

Inspiration for Holiday Decorating


Once Christmas rolls around, A Touch of Whimsy can return once again with more ideas, while, as always, closely listening to what you want, to not only add festive colors to your home, but can also decorate your tree to specifically meet what you're looking for. If there's a need for a bit of inspiration to excite the children, this Charlotte Seasonal Decorating team is also able to address that fun project.


The options for all holidays will not be chosen by our staff alone, but completely incorporate any ideas you may have. Our goal is not to give you what we think is best, but to give you what you want with a few modest suggestions of our own. The Charlotte Seasonal Decorating experts at A Touch of Whimsy always deliver, no matter which holiday it is. All of our services are done with a smile and without pressure. Not only that, but you can count on our services coming at a price that won't leave you feeling like a Scrooge.