Interior Design and Interior Decorating Services

By viewing some of our interior design projects completed for our Charlotte area customers, listening to your own vision of an ideal interior decorating project, or allowing you to peruse catalogs with a plethora of options, A Touch of Whimsy will undoubtedly produce the result you want for your custom interior decoration or interior design project. By explaining interior design concepts, the fundamental elements of comfort, color palettes, plush or more rustic textures, custom-designed furniture, timeless antiques, or any other details you desire to tie the room together, the experienced Charlotte interior design professionals at Touch of Whimsy can generate an interior design that reflects your personalized lifestyle. This will add an individual, one-of-a kind living space which is chic, idiosyncratic, as well as comfortably functional.


Charlotte Interior Design and Home Decor

Whether your ideal style is timelessly traditions with an air of sophistication, or the new en vogue contemporary minimalism, the interior design and decoration experience Touch of Whimsy is equipped to deliver your home decor vision with immaculately stylish results.


When you call in Touch of Whimsy as your trusted interior design adviser, we offer you inspiration and help you discover how to pull together the style you want for a home ready for a breath of fresh air. As Charlotte's premier interior designers, we explore the current home decor trends together and identify your own style in order to develop a collective vision for your project.


Touch of Whimsy will steer you through the many interior design options available in order to guide you through the exciting world of furnishing, fabrics, flooring, wall art, window treatments, kitchen beautification, bath improvements, lighting throughout the whole residence and any other possible improvement your dreams can conjure.


There are many interior decorating firms out there who are only interested in forcing their own ideas on you with the highest price tag. Yet, this is not the case at Touch of Whimsy where we take pride in making the task of interior decorating a pleasure, not a stressful endeavor. Not only are we simply "decorators", we consider ourselves artists, crafts experts, and elegant retailers, creatively brought together in order to give you a brand new look that your neighbors and friends are sure to envy. Additionally we stirve to deliver Charlotte's best prices on home decor and interior decorations on the highest quality products not commonly available on the consumer retail market. Let us help bring make your interior design dreams a reality today!